There was some SRS NRG felt by many Melbourne ravers on August 24th, 2012.

The third installment of illegal gatherings from some of the crew who brought us the Acieed Artefacts exhibition was a night no one is going to forget anytime soon.

The party hosted in a space within Melbourne’s CBD was an intoxicating experience shared by all who attended.
For a memorable four and a half hours inside this maze of old warehouses on the north west side of the city, the atmosphere consistantly built as many different tribes of people continued to file down a dark alley, under a rusty old roller door and into the rave.

Photo by Aaron C

As we wandered deeper into the dank and gloomy building, you could tell there was something different occurring. There was an aroma of fresh spray paint and the pieces which were appearing on the walls throughout the was just another example of self-expression that was being encouraged by the hosts. Suddenly turning right into a larger cavernous chamber, you were greeted with the most beautiful of sights. A party that seemed only possible in the early 90s and in our imaginations, hundreds of people from all different backgrounds untitled by the love of the rave, dancing.

There was no doubt about it, all were grinning and a sense of shared experience was being felt by all. Colourful backpacks, mesh tops, baggy tshirts and the universal symbol of rave culture the smiley face being the unofficial uniform of the night. by Izabel C

The music was a fantastic selection of new and old house and techno classics which fed the vibe.

By the time the police started trying to remover the hordes of strangely dressed and overtly happy people assembled in an abandoned inner Melbourne warehouse, it was too late for the establishment, we had won.
Photo by Izabel C

Massive thanks to all those involved and positive energy to future parties.

Written by Kb Buzza and Roys1


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