Not Quite the Final Frontier…

They said it was their FINAL FRONTIER… But time has suggested otherwise.. Here’s a mix from the past.. stay tuned for more srsnrgfinalfrontier


SRS NRG 24 08 2012 ✌✌✌ Photography by Travis Fryer



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(: (: (: ACIIEED ARTIFACTS: Art Gallery Opening / Party :) :) :)

(: (: (: ACIIEED ARTIFACTS: Art Gallery Opening / Party 🙂 🙂 🙂

It’s a clear indication that there’s a rave revival happening in Melbourne when there’s a bunch of ravers throwing their own parties on tops of buildings and having exhibitions featuring new and old artefacts from rave culture.

Pack your bumbags, gel your hair, put on your chokers and get ready to hang ten with the Television Collective who are putting on a pukka exhibition about rave this weekend.

The opening party is BYO and is at the Nicecat Gallery – 208 High st Northcote this Saturday 31st March, 6pm-11pm, and the show is running until the 7th April.