A Little Summer Of Love

We came across these images that are from a collection of photographs from Dave Swindells’s exhibition ‘A Little Summer Of Love’.


Rave: the boardgame

So in 1991 some hardcore raver made a board game dedicated to raving. It was so controversial was removed from the shelves not long after it’s release. What a surprise.

The game was created by Patrick Treloar (MD of Wow Enterprises) and designed by The Style Bandits (amongst others). It contains a section designed by Jamie Hewlett of Gorillaz and Tank Girl fame. It was withdrawn from the shelves by WH Smith when the store was made aware of its overtly adult content’

From the box:


Your adventure begins in Trip City.
You’ve got fifty quid in your pocket and you’re buzzin’ with energy.
Flyers and rumors come at you from every club you visit, but when you’ve got three flyers in your hand it’s time to decide which RAVE looks pukka and fork out for your ticket.

This is when things start to go crazy. As you leave Trip City and travel from one meeting point to another following the rumors on your flyer, Vibe cards tell you what’s going on and where plod is patrolling. Maybe you’re on the guest list, maybe you’re busted, but once you hit the right number and find your RAVE, get there and get dancing ‘cos you’re running out of energy and everyone else is rushing like crazy. WOW status is just a beat away.’

Found this gem on a blog titled The Acid Grandads.